All kinds of African American Hairstyles


There might be tons of African American hairstyles that have been created nowadays based on its year for example, African American short hairstyles 2013. Besides, there are also a lot of choices that are available for any African American women who want to beautify themselves. Everyone is free to choose the best one which might [...]

Various Styles of African American Women Hairstyles


For African American women, there are many hairstyles that can be chosen like, African American bob hairstyles. It is considered as popular style that is loved by any women. In addition to bob hairstyle, there are still many choices that are available. Generally, African American hairstyle is known with its curly hair type that is [...]

Exotic and Natural African American Short Hairstyles for Women


African American hairstyles are one of the most underrated hairstyles that are ever made. These hairstyles basically were made to fit well with the African American women hair texture. Usually, African American women have a curly and thick hair texture due to their genes. Therefore, there are several hairstyles that are dedicated to be applied [...]

60s Hairstyles Characteristic and Style


Some people think that 60s hairstyles are really out-dated. However, it becomes a part of fashion nowadays since, there are a lot of men that try to take a good old-school hairstyle for them. Why those out-date things are going famous again? There are a lot of things that make the 60s hairstyle becomes famous [...]

Popular Hairstyles in the 1950s


1950s hairstyles is one of the examples of the most unique and distinct hairstyles mode that ever exist. There are many unique hairstyles that originated from the 1950. Some of them usually are dedicated for curly and wavy hair texture because on those years, the most popular hairstyle is not long and straight hair but [...]

New look of Katie Couric after Plastic Surgery: Youthful And Beautiful


In the world of journalism, Katie Couric is a familiar name. She was a television host on all big television network in the United States. As a journalist, Katie must give her fans to look her best on camera. So, In the 50 years of age, Unlike many other women, Katie Couric doesn’t look old. [...]

Naya Rivera Plastic Surgery: Successful Nose Job and Boob Job


Who doesn’t know Naya Rivera? She’s a great singer and actress from USA (United States of America). She well known and became very famous and popular as an actress and singer since she got a chance to be involved in one of the most popular TV Show, Glee. When she was a little girl, she [...]

Information regarding Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery


Robin McGraw plastic surgery is one of the popular news that is quite popular right now. Robin McGraw is known as an outstanding actress, speaker and also public figure in the show biz. One of her popular and known act is in one of the television program called Bold and Beautiful. To make her even [...]

Cher Plastic Surgery Results Before and After

As we known, plastic surgery is not a rare thing in this day, one of the examples of recent plastic surgery news is Cher plastic surgery. Cher is known as one of the famous people, public figure and also celebrities which are known as one of the legend in pop song industries. Therefore, it is [...]

Julie Chen Plastic Surgery News and Truth

Julie Chen plastic surgery is another interesting surgery case that is being a popular topic among many people. It is conducted by a woman named Julie Chen to change some imperfect body parts on her body Through some surgery procedures, she has been successfully transform herself into someone who is far different than her old [...]

Reba Mcentire Plastic Surgery Review

Reba Mcentire plastic surgery becomes another surgery case that is really popular in Hollywood. There are a lot of people that talk about her beauty. She is known as beautiful artist that is loved by many people. There are some reasons behind her surgery rumor. First of all, she still looks beauty at her mature [...]

Burt Reynolds Plastic Surgery News and Discussion


Celebrity undergoes plastic surgery is not a rare news to be discussed and the same can be said with Burt Reynolds plastic surgery. As a public figure and elder, it is a proper thing to be as good as possible in front of public. Burt Reynolds maybe one of the people who also think about [...]